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Polyurethane flooring systems offer high flexibility Which can aid in reduction and prevention of injuries by offering high impact-resistant. A popular choice in indoor and outdoor sports facilities, such as running tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts , Badminton courts and Futsal courts etc. In addition, the product can be installed in a normal everyday buildings for use in indoor playgrounds and as a roof waterproofing system .Its flexibility and strength make it an ideal choice. Our product is ensured to be of a good quality and is certified by The IAAF ( International Athletics Federation.)

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Waterproof coating system using Polyurethane. Polyurethane coating is highly flexible, seamless , heat resistant and resistant to Sunlight and temperature changes. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Polyurethane waterproofing coating is widely used in concrete roofs and basements to prevent seepage of water , to repair concrete cracks, crevices caused by hot and cold temperature change and structure subsidence. It is also useful for the prevention of erosion from rain water and water seepage.





A coating of synthetic rubber for use on concrete or asphalt.This synthetic rubber is very flexible, Can absorb the shock while walking. Reduce injuries arising from falling, jumping etc . This synthetic rubber coating is commonly used in playgrounds, corridors around swimming pools and in courtyards.



A coating of synthetic rubber for use on concrete or asphalt. This synthetic rubber is very flexible, Can help absorb the shock of walking, running, jumping and reduce injury from physical activity. Our product is developed specifically for use in sports to internationally recognized standards. Synthetic rubber sports flooring systems are ideally matched to two types of sports areas, such as the ground coating for basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports courts and pitch based sports such as futsal, volleyball and badminton



nthetic rubber Kony-Urethane track From Korea. Designed to be appropriate for a track surface. Highly flexible, resistant to climate change and long life span. It is widely used in University and college track and field stadiums.
Synthetic rubber track Kony-Urethane from Korea. Designed to meet the the high quality standards in IAAF CLASS 1 according to the International Athletics Federation. Designed to be appropriate for a track surface that is resistant to climate change, flexible and is long lasting it is accepted in many of the national athletics stadiums.









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