Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd

    The managements vision for the company as well as the concise and high performance of our employees we are constantly striving to be the market leader in our industry sector .With our belief of  the ever increasing demand for our industrial products we have has developed the best strategies to serve our customers needs. We supply quality products to cater to the needs of our customers and updates to enhance the modernization of production. Because of our excellent service our customer base is increasing year on year. We are also constantly improving the knowledge and aptitude of our personnel in all sectors. With a professional approach to all our customers, and a management system that divides the company sectors into groups.






  Engineering Plastics    
  praher   Thai Polymer is the market leader in engineering plastics, All our products are produced using state of the art machinery and we have over 30 years experience in our product and service sector.  
   PE Foam    
  pefoam   Double layer extrusion molded board. Made from polyethylene or PE. It is commonly used in the shipping and logistics industry for various uses such as returnable containers, partition boards, backing plates, sole plates etc.  
Saving Energy    

We are a distributor Energy Saving high quality reduce energy consumption by 50% consulting Services for Energy Saving.

Laser Coding By Hitachi รุ่น LM Series    
Laser Coding By Hitachi Laser Coding Laser LM Series
Laser Printer Distributor (For industrial use). High-quality prints and fast, accurate operation.