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Packing solutions department was implemented in 2006 under the name SEMAC where all products were imported from China and Taiwan.We have a large selection of high quality standard products for customers who are looking to improve their development and production processes.
Packing Solution department began operations in 2006 as SEMAC where all products imported from China and Taiwan. We have a selection of standard products and quality. To meet the needs of customers who are interested in improving. Development and production processes in industry. Finding skilled workers is one of the biggest problems in the production industry. The state of the art products we provide aim primarily to reduce costs in the production and consultation process. We continouosly receive positive feedback from customers on an ongoing basis with the products offered on the market creating growth in the busineses industry. Main target areas include

1. stickers and date printing.
2. item counting
3. Shrink wrapping, automatic dozen packing , Packing sealer machines.
4. Cap tightening
5. blister packing machine, Oil filling machine, Paint and water filling machines.
6. Tablet/Pill packing machines
7. Liquid filling, powder filling machines and capsule filling machines.



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