Engineering Plastics

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epc polycarbonate



Polyethylene: PET is is the plastic used commonly in many industry sectors such as the production of pipes, buckets,bottles , carrier bags and plastic pallets.


  Polypropylene: PP High resistance to fatty substances and high temperatures make this plastic the choice for producing plastic bags, food packaging, straws etc

  Polystyrene: PS Used in the production of electrical components and the electronics industry such as producing office utilites.


  SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) A transparent plastic used in the electrical components in the automotive industry.


  ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) Similar properties to polystyrene but with higher chemical resistance commonly used to produce


  Polyvinylchloride: PVC Used to make bottles for cooking oil and other grease based products also used in the production of plastic alcohol bottles for beer and wine as well as plastic wrapping and laminated layer of plastic bags.


  Nylon: A strong plastic with good elasticity used in to produce bags for vacuum packing in the food industry.


  Polyethylene terephthalate: PET An expensive quality, strong and transparent plastic used to make thin film for food packaging.


Thermosetting plastic

  Melamine formaldehyde: used to make melamine food containers that have resistance to stains and smears.

  Phenol-formaldehyde: This plastic is used to make bottle tops and plastic pots.

  Epoxy: Used to coat various surfaces within the home. Gas storage areas and pipelines. Used to bond glass and ceramics, electrical components and on large runs of pipe and pressure systems. Also used as a coating for floors , for non slip coatings on the road and car park surfaces as well as making a rigid fom products and colouring of glass.

  Polyester: is a polymer used to make plastics used for multiple purposes such as coating, plastic bottles, rubber, plastic fiber strands , films etc

  Urethane: the name of the ethyl carbonate. Has the chemical formula NH2COOC2H5


  Polyurethane: used to make glue and to varnish plastics and rubbers its abbreviated name is PU.