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Laser Coding รุ่น LM Series
LM Series Laser Coding Distributor of laser packaging machines. (For industrial use) High-resolution printing and fast operation


- Compact size, space saving

- Reduce operating costs. No need for ink to print. Less than 300w

- Easy to install, easy to move.

- Variety in printing. Be it alphabetical Characters or barcodes


With more than 30 related products, we are ready to serve. And product development Including services for all customers.


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Easy Operation   Speed & Quality   Proven Reliability  
e-SolarMark Light | Laser Mark (เลเซอร์มาร์ค)   e-SolarMark HD | Laser Mark (เลเซอร์มาร์ค)   e-SolarMark HD | Laser Mark (เลเซอร์มาร์ค)  



CO2 Laser Coder LM Series
Co2 Laser by HITACHI



Printing on plastics Like PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Printing on Film and Foil
Printing on Paper, cardboard and glass


Hitachi laser




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