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Importer and distributor of glass fiber, and ceramic fiber insulation, fireproof welding blankets, expansion joints , and silica cloth butt sparks. (Welding-Fireproof Blanket) Expansion Joint (Expansion Joint) and (Thermal Insulation Jackets)to cover machinery made of microfiber rock wool, calcium silicate, and many others as well. We have more than 30 years trading experience in this area.


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Roxul insulation has both slab and blanket type insulation available without wire mesh or with and with wire mesh pipe.

BSF microfiber insulation pack density, 16, 24, 32 KG / M³ can withstand temperatures up to 340C Disc density 32, 48 KG / M³ can withstand temperatures up to 340C tubular density 64 KG / M³ can withstand temperatures up to. 450C


ASK calcium silicate Plate available as both (Board) and pipe density of 220 KG / M³ and can withstand temperatures up to 650 C.

Insulation install equipment

Master Lock
Master Pin
Master Plastic Button Washer
Master Metal Button Washer



Kammtex  Insulation  







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